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dmarcian, inc. and Inbox Pros team up to talk DMARC authentication and why it is important for deliverability success.

Thursday, December 14
2pm EST
Tim Draegen- CEO, dmarcian, inc.
Zack Aab- Deliverability Strategist, Inbox Pros

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What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

What is DMARC

You will learn what DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) authentication is, how it works, why it's important and who can use it.

how it affects deliverability & reputation

How deploying DMARC alongside SPF and DKIM can make a huge difference in deliverability, how different DMARC polices can affect how others view you and why major ISPs enforce it.

why you should secure your domain for email

DMARC not only helps protect your IPs and domains, but it also provides brand security and allows for return reporting to prevent phishing.

About The Hosts

Tim Draegen
CEO, dmarcian, inc.
Tim Draegen started dmarcian to help bake DMARC into the Internet. After helping create DMARC, Tim supports DMARC by working across the email ecosystem to increase adoption. dmarcian now employs 2 dozen people across the globe, all working to make DMARC easy and accessible to all.
Zack Aab
Email Deliverability Strategist, Inbox Pros
Zack Aab is a deliverability strategist who provides complete solutions to companies large and small to maximize the potential of their current infrastructure, prioritize improvements to maximize ROI, and create scalable solutions for long term email deliverability success. His toolkit includes deliverability auditing, analysis, monitoring, and consulting. 
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